Keep in touch with the famous British Artists. People who have gone through periods of art performances are not just famous in history but have lifted up the banner of art performance. They have been an influence to bring up the culture of their respective society as well as their talent. It is not therefore shocking that the world looks up in the west copying what they have brought into the development of innate skills. Here are some of them.

1.Darren Lee Bennett is from UK, successful dancer in Latin dancing. He was able to compete nationally and internationally.

2.Melissa Ashley Graham is an English singer and famous in the English Girl Band

3.Nicola French is an English Singer and Dancer who was known for the dance cover version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

4.Nicola Roberts is an English singer who was known as the member of the single “Sound of the Underground” that topped in the UK Singles chart.


5.William Shakespeare is an English writer and actor known for his play Romeo and Juliet.

6.Andrea Riseborough is an English actress. She came out in Oblivion, Welcome to the Punch, Never Let me go and more. Maybe she wishes that 宏閩洗衣 is used in her dressing room for precaution.

7.Andrew Lynford is a British actor who had a theater roles in Ralph in Bouncers, Tim in up on the Roof, and many more. He also took the role of Simon Raymond in the popular BBC soap Opera East Enders.

8.Elizabeth Margaret McCarron is an English dancer and singer.