How did literary arts influence theater? Literary arts was already flourishing and took its root before theater. Well known, distinguished and great writers have already deepened and mastered their literary artworks. When they have wrote, produced and published great and meaningful literary writings it has become the stepping stone for theater to be created. In these theaters, their work of arts are staged as plays and shows giving life to characters, events, places, and emotions that were confined in letters. Theater was developed as a medium.

It is not just each reader’s imagination but it has been recreated and projected to bring the impact to audience that must let the show successful. Many literary works since then have been portrayed in stages and many are still being performed repeatedly by different characters, locations, settings, and approach according to the directors own understanding of those literary works. The works of artists in Renaissance era like Shakespeare have become the subject of many plays and shows all around the world like the famous Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.

Now it is not just theatre but many are developed to display literary works. Whether written long ago by respected and admired artists or the contemporary artist. In school you can find theatres designed for staging professional performers or students dreaming to be one. They can be small or big, elegant or simple. They have their own to be suitable at any play or show they will present.