Shakespeare is a great contributor in the world of literature. The language that he used in all his plays shows an important role of language in those days until this time. It is necessary then to see why his works blows people’s mind whenever they read or watch his works. He already demonstrated his wit in language and society. Thanks to his own vocabulary, some actually about two thousand words in the English language that we use are created by him–bedroom, zany, to be or not to be.

Shakespeare also performed on stage together with other playwrights. It seems it serves as an example to act on stage. How can people not attempt to act for his play? Practically, people like acting, watching performances. The best performances always lie on Shakespeare because of its unique plot and absurdity. In reality, who except Shakespeare was given an attribute to having best play writer of the 16th-17th century? though their are many plays even designed with the help of autocad, is there more performed theater play countless times around the world other than his plays?

None, although there were writers during the Elizabethan era, until now. It’s not wrong to think that Shakespeare is one of the most brilliant artists in world history. For as long as language exists, his name will probably never be blotted out from people’s memory. But of course it’s not saying that no one would surpass his works. It’s just saying that his works shall never be buried in the mind of people.