What is a performing art? These are art works of artists that are designed to be performed on stage by artist. It must be really entertaining because these are arts. The start of performing arts can be traced back from the early inhabitants who existed around 6000 BC observe nature and they came to imitate the movements in nature. The sound of nature, the movements of animals and plants gave birth to the rise of performing arts. Now we see performing arts everywhere. Examples are dances, theaters, and music.

  • Dances are performing arts that uses your body combined with rhythm and music to express an emotion or action.

Examples of Dances

Ballet Dancing

Theatre Dance

Folk Dance

Modern Dance

  • Theater is a performing art that focuses mainly on acting basing on a written story (script).

Examples of Theatres

Musical play



  • Music is production of sound with the three element—pitch, rhythm, dynamic, uses voice in performing.

Examples Music

Renaissance music

Baroque music

Romantic music

Classical music


Performing arts are not impromptu arts. There are the things that have to be prepared such as the elements of music like melody, theater like script , and music like costume. They may have use good materials to create costumes. Performing arts nowadays have been modernized as to being artistic and entertaining. People are bringing out their talents in the world of performing arts not just in visual arts. It’s believed that theatre plays have been influenced by William Shakespeare who is one of the most famous English Writers in the Elizabethan era.