Until this time, Performing Arts are one of the entertainers driving billions of people to at least look for it. Performing arts include music, dances and theatre. Theatre plays especially the plays of Shakespeare are one the best plays that are being performed in any theatre stage around the world. Watch some of the plays written by Shakespeare to see how a play entertains you. Here is the list of Shakespeare’s work that entertains and liked by viewers.



Try to watch this play to find out how a man solves his problem when betrayed by a person of the same blood.

2.Romeo and Juliet

This play is one of the most famous for its unexpected ending of both lovers. This is one of Shakespeare’s most read and loved for centuries.

3.Merchant Of Venice

This one will amuse you of the comic trick that Shakespeare used.


This contains the most tragic of a person in greed. Shakespeare successfully demonstrated the penalty of one’s greed.


5.King Lear

This is considered the most tragic story created by Shakespeare that displays love and sincerity.

6.Much Ado About Nothing

The title itself will give us a notion of how comic it is.

7.The Taming of the Shrew

See how a man tamed a woman in a very strange way yet amusing.

8.The Tempest

Watch how Shakespeare created the mood of forgiving that matters, in the play.

We see the work of literature can change the personality of human beings. Its like putting something valuable.