Arts have diverse classification and are not an easy topic that can be explained in one setting. So today let us first understand the arts of this 21st century we live into. The art produced in this time is called contemporary arts. Simply, contemporary art means the work or art created or being created by artists or performers living in this present time. It is influenced by the international environment that is diverse in culture, system, language, style and approach.

Contemporary arts has privileged to cover and project the present society situation, culture changes and adaptation, political issues, and other concerns relevant to people at this time and the world. Its way of presentation is a diverse combination of materials, technology, concept, methods, and theme that does not easily confirm to the traditional systems that it is not easy to define. The shows, plays, and even movies that were produced or presented by performers are the product of contemporary arts today.


It has covered or expanded its influence to people in every walk of life. A child who is just content suddenly was inspired by watching a show that he has ability. An authoritative man who runs a fine arts business can redirect his life and work to catch his dream in performing arts. These are examples that show us how amazing the present time can be influenced by arts that have long existed and were given by the creator for us humans who are filled with the worries of life.