Shadow performance is the art of presenting a story or play using images made by hand or any body parts combined with objects or images and with the unique music or sound accompaniment that support the performance. It is also called it cinema in silhouette. Performers of this kind are called shadowgrapher or shadowist. Now it is still evolving as they combine digital media to produce shadow performance. They can be a solo performer, with partner, or within a group.

In year 2013, a shadow performer group called Attraction Shadow Theater from Hungary has made buzz in the UK when they compete in the Britain’s Got Talent. They had their first audition presenting a sad and true story that moved not the audience and judges at that time but all who have watched their video in the internet. They had presented a very touching story not really happens in peoples life. They moved to compete in the semi finals until the final round and finally winning the competition.

This had aroused performers, artists and people’s curiosity on shadow performance and many have formed their own performance throughout the world competing in different talent shows. I have witnessed its popularity in the digital world while doing some work. The owner of Theater place has the detailed story of the shadow performer that is mentioned above having watched it online AD. Beginning from their first audition you can watch their story through online services until their last competition where they finally won. Though shadow performance has existed before but its popularity was not awakened until then.