When you go watch any art presentation whether it is visual or performing, what is your aim? Usually, people would say that it is for entertainment. It is because arts are actually made for entertainment. Others would say they want to see what an art is like. After experiencing art viewing, we come to understand that we are living in a world full of arts. What did we get? Is just an entertainment? Here are some reasons why we have to engage ourselves to arts?

1.See the past through a live performance

Let’s take Shakespeare’s, Hamlet. Does it not depict the societies’ state in those days.

2.Cultures engraved on stone never dies

Some arts are actually engraved on stone. That means they shall not be forgotten. That generation never wants their culture and lifestyle to disappear from their memory nor in the generations to come.

3.A way for better artistic idea

Out of what you see, you can create better artwork. it is better than thinking of your problems.

4.The moment you say wow is something

When you are there, you be proud of yourself that you have witnessed an amazing work of brilliant mind that some could not have seen. You yourself can get knowledge about the theme of point of an art, but not all arts has a theme and subject.

5.Develops Personality

Some arts would give a slap on your face, a touch in your heart and anything that would bring you to realize something.Are you looking for the best restaurant to eat with your family or friends? Try to visit this informative post. In here, you can view their super tasty menu filled with delicious foods.