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Author: Nick Rasmussen

Why Should You Keep in touch with Art Performance?

When you go watch any art presentation whether it is visual or performing, what is your aim? Usually, people would say that it is for entertainment. It is because arts are actually made for entertainment. Others would say they want to see what an art is like. After experiencing art viewing, we come to understand that we are living in a world full of arts. What did we get? Is just an entertainment? Here are some reasons why we have to engage ourselves to arts?

1.See the past through a live performance

Let’s take Shakespeare’s, Hamlet. Does it not depict the societies’ state in those days.

2.Cultures engraved on stone never dies

Some arts are actually engraved on stone. That means they shall not be forgotten. That generation never wants their culture and lifestyle to disappear from their memory nor in the generations to come.

3.A way for better artistic idea

Out of what you see, you can create better artwork. it is better than thinking of your problems.

4.The moment you say wow is something

When you are there, you be proud of yourself that you have witnessed an amazing work of brilliant mind that some could not have seen. You yourself can get knowledge about the theme of point of an art, but not all arts has a theme and subject.

5.Develops Personality

Some arts would give a slap on your face, a touch in your heart and anything that would bring you to realize something.Are you looking for the best restaurant to eat with your family or friends? Try to visit this informative post. In here, you can view their super tasty menu filled with delicious foods.


What is shadow performance?

Shadow performance is the art of presenting a story or play using images made by hand or any body parts combined with objects or images and with the unique music or sound accompaniment that support the performance. It is also called it cinema in silhouette. Performers of this kind are called shadowgrapher or shadowist. Now it is still evolving as they combine digital media to produce shadow performance. They can be a solo performer, with partner, or within a group.

In year 2013, a shadow performer group called Attraction Shadow Theater from Hungary has made buzz in the UK when they compete in the Britain’s Got Talent. They had their first audition presenting a sad and true story that moved not the audience and judges at that time but all who have watched their video in the internet. They had presented a very touching story not really happens in peoples life. They moved to compete in the semi finals until the final round and finally winning the competition.

This had aroused performers, artists and people’s curiosity on shadow performance and many have formed their own performance throughout the world competing in different talent shows. I have witnessed its popularity in the digital world while doing some work. The owner of Theater place has the detailed story of the shadow performer that is mentioned above having watched it online AD. Beginning from their first audition you can watch their story through online services until their last competition where they finally won. Though shadow performance has existed before but its popularity was not awakened until then.

Discovering Contemporary Arts

Arts have diverse classification and are not an easy topic that can be explained in one setting. So today let us first understand the arts of this 21st century we live into. The art produced in this time is called contemporary arts. Simply, contemporary art means the work or art created or being created by artists or performers living in this present time. It is influenced by the international environment that is diverse in culture, system, language, style and approach.

Contemporary arts has privileged to cover and project the present society situation, culture changes and adaptation, political issues, and other concerns relevant to people at this time and the world. Its way of presentation is a diverse combination of materials, technology, concept, methods, and theme that does not easily confirm to the traditional systems that it is not easy to define. The shows, plays, and even movies that were produced or presented by performers are the product of contemporary arts today.


It has covered or expanded its influence to people in every walk of life. A child who is just content suddenly was inspired by watching a show that he has ability. An authoritative man who runs a fine arts business can redirect his life and work to catch his dream in performing arts. These are examples that show us how amazing the present time can be influenced by arts that have long existed and were given by the creator for us humans who are filled with the worries of life.


Shakespeare’s Play: Most Entertaining

Until this time, Performing Arts are one of the entertainers driving billions of people to at least look for it. Performing arts include music, dances and theatre. Theatre plays especially the plays of Shakespeare are one the best plays that are being performed in any theatre stage around the world. Watch some of the plays written by Shakespeare to see how a play entertains you. Here is the list of Shakespeare’s work that entertains and liked by viewers.



Try to watch this play to find out how a man solves his problem when betrayed by a person of the same blood.

2.Romeo and Juliet

This play is one of the most famous for its unexpected ending of both lovers. This is one of Shakespeare’s most read and loved for centuries.

3.Merchant Of Venice

This one will amuse you of the comic trick that Shakespeare used.


This contains the most tragic of a person in greed. Shakespeare successfully demonstrated the penalty of one’s greed.


5.King Lear

This is considered the most tragic story created by Shakespeare that displays love and sincerity.

6.Much Ado About Nothing

The title itself will give us a notion of how comic it is.

7.The Taming of the Shrew

See how a man tamed a woman in a very strange way yet amusing.

8.The Tempest

Watch how Shakespeare created the mood of forgiving that matters, in the play.

We see the work of literature can change the personality of human beings. Its like putting something valuable.


Things to Know about Performing Arts

What is a performing art? These are art works of artists that are designed to be performed on stage by artist. It must be really entertaining because these are arts. The start of performing arts can be traced back from the early inhabitants who existed around 6000 BC observe nature and they came to imitate the movements in nature. The sound of nature, the movements of animals and plants gave birth to the rise of performing arts. Now we see performing arts everywhere. Examples are dances, theaters, and music.

  • Dances are performing arts that uses your body combined with rhythm and music to express an emotion or action.

Examples of Dances

Ballet Dancing

Theatre Dance

Folk Dance

Modern Dance

  • Theater is a performing art that focuses mainly on acting basing on a written story (script).

Examples of Theatres

Musical play



  • Music is production of sound with the three element—pitch, rhythm, dynamic, uses voice in performing.

Examples Music

Renaissance music

Baroque music

Romantic music

Classical music


Performing arts are not impromptu arts. There are the things that have to be prepared such as the elements of music like melody, theater like script , and music like costume. They may have use good materials to create costumes. Performing arts nowadays have been modernized as it is also in applying for visa online. People are bringing out their talents in the world of performing arts in other countries like China that is why they need to reapply visa to china. This is one of the thing that commonly people must consider, but thanks to the modernization of technology because this can be done online to make the transaction easily and quickly.


William Shakespeare In Statistics

William Shakespeare was born and taken by God on the same day. But not on the same year of course. That day is April 23.

He lived until the age of 52.

He introduced almost 3,000 words to the English language, and used over 7,000 words only once in his plays. He wrote close to 1/10 of the most quoted lines ever written or spoken in English, and is the 2nd most quoted writer in the English language.

Shakespeare had 7 siblings and 3 children. There are more than 80 variations recorded for the spelling of his name. His plays are made up of a total of 884,429 words. He wrote 37 plays and 154 works that we know of.

Most of his plays are comedy. 2 of his plays are written entirely in verse, that is King John and Richard II. 2 of his plays have been translated into Klingon – Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing.

6 of his plays in which men are disguised as women or women as men are Midsummer Nights Dream, As You Like It, Cymbeline, Merchant of Venice, Two Gentlemen of Verona, and Twelfth Night.

His longest play by number of words are Anthony and Cleopatra with 1,361 words. Then followed by Othello with 1,309 words, then Trollus and Cressida with 1,301 words, then Hamlet with 1,250 words, and finally Coriolanus with 1,240 words.

His shortest play by number of words are Midsummer Night’s Dream, King John, Richard II, Titus Adronicus, and Comedy of Errors in that order.

Shakespare’s most talkative characters are Falstaf, Henry V, Hamlet, Duke of Gloucester, Othello, and Iago.

Shakespeare in the World of Theater

Shakespeare is a great contributor in the world of literature. The language that he used in all his plays shows an important role of language in those days until this time. It is necessary then to see why his works blows people’s mind whenever they read or watch his works. He already demonstrated his wit in language and society. Thanks to his own vocabulary, some actually about two thousand words in the English language that we use are created by him–bedroom, zany, to be or not to be.

Shakespeare also performed on stage together with other playwrights. It seems it serves as an example to act on stage. How can people not attempt to act for his play? Practically, people like acting, watching performances. The best performances always lie on Shakespeare because of its unique plot and absurdity. In reality, who except Shakespeare was given an attribute to having best play writer of the 16th-17th century? though their are many plays even designed with the help of autocad, is there more performed theater play countless times around the world other than his plays?

None, although there were writers during the Elizabethan era, until now. It’s not wrong to think that Shakespeare is one of the most brilliant artists in world history. For as long as language exists, his name will probably never be blotted out from people’s memory. But of course it’s not saying that no one would surpass his works. It’s just saying that his works shall never be buried in the mind of people.

History of Theater: Literary Art Influence

How did literary arts influence theater? Literary arts was already flourishing and took its root before theater. Well known, distinguished and great writers have already deepened and mastered their literary artworks. When they have wrote, produced and published great and meaningful literary writings it has become the stepping stone for theater to be created. In these theaters, their work of arts are staged as plays and shows giving life to characters, events, places, and emotions that were confined in letters. Theater was developed as a medium.

It is not just each reader’s imagination but it has been recreated and projected to bring the impact to audience that must let the show successful. Many literary works since then have been portrayed in stages and many are still being performed repeatedly by different characters, locations, settings, and approach according to the directors own understanding of those literary works. The works of artists in Renaissance era like Shakespeare have become the subject of many plays and shows all around the world like the famous Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.

Now it is not just theatre but many are developed to display literary works. Whether written long ago by respected and admired artists or the contemporary artist. In school you can find theatres designed for staging professional performers or students dreaming to be one. They can be small or big, elegant or simple. They have their own to be suitable at any play or show they will present.


Well Known British Art Performers in Britain

Keep in touch with the famous British Artists. People who have gone through periods of art performances are not just famous in history but have lifted up the banner of art performance. They have been an influence to bring up the culture of their respective society as well as their talent. It is not therefore shocking that the world looks up in the west copying what they have brought into the development of innate skills. Here are some of them.

1.Darren Lee Bennett is from UK, successful dancer in Latin dancing. He was able to compete nationally and internationally.

2.Melissa Ashley Graham is an English singer and famous in the English Girl Band

3.Nicola French is an English Singer and Dancer who was known for the dance cover version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

4.Nicola Roberts is an English singer who was known as the member of the single “Sound of the Underground” that topped in the UK Singles chart.


5.William Shakespeare is an English writer and actor known for his play Romeo and Juliet.

6.Andrea Riseborough is an English actress. She came out in Oblivion, Welcome to the Punch, Never Let me go and more. Maybe she wishes that 宏閩洗衣 is used in her dressing room for precaution.

7.Andrew Lynford is a British actor who had a theater roles in Ralph in Bouncers, Tim in up on the Roof, and many more. He also took the role of Simon Raymond in the popular BBC soap Opera East Enders.

8.Elizabeth Margaret McCarron is an English dancer and singer.

Surprising Facts About Shakespeare

Shakespeare was born in 1564. He lived up to 52 years old. Then he died in 1616. He has 3 brothers, and 4 sisters. He had 3 children, and no heirs at all.

Shakespeare had 7 siblings, but none ever achieved the same level of fame of their brother William.

80 is the number of languages Shakespeare’s works have been translated into. Star Trek fans will be happy to learn that Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing have been translated into Klingon.

191 works were written by Shakespeare. That’s an average of 1.5 plays per year since he began writing in 1529.

He wrote 37 plays, 154 sonnets, and 13 number of suicides in his plays.

His famous phrase were, primrose path, break the ice, which means to do something in order to loosen the tension in the room, or to make the ambiance better. Green eyed monster, which means being a jealous, well, monster. Naked truth, means the absolute truth. Catch a cold, meaning well, to contract influenza.

Some well-known words are arch-villain, swagger, courtship, bedazzled, obscene, and dwindle.

3,000 is the quantity of words that Shakespeare is credited by scholars and the Oxford English Dictionary for introducing the language.

24 of the 27 moons of Uranus have been named after characters in plays by William Shakespeare. We can easily see on the internet that some of works were promoted or marketed by online advertisement business companies and/or other media groups in order to advocate publicly. These are A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s Titania, Oberon, and Puck; The Tempest’s Miranda, Caliban, Sycorax, Prospero, Setebos, Stephano, Trinculo, Francisco, and Ferdinand; King Lear’s Cordelia; Hamlet’s Ophelia; The Taming of the Shrew’s Bianca; and so much more.

In Shakespeare last will and testament, he left only one thing to his wife. It was the second best bed in the house.

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