A 15th century clay pipe was found near the garden of Shakespeare. In it were traces of cocaine, marijuana, and myristic acid.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth could be the origin of “knock-knock” jokes. He also used “You Momma” jokes as seen in Timon of Athens.

Shakespeare invented and coined hundreds of words and phrases. They include “swagger,” “fashionable,” and “pickle.”

Shakespeare currently has 946 writing credits for television and films on IMDB. This would make him the most prolific screenwriter ever.

The comedic tale of young love, Much Ado About Nothing, has a hidden meaning. In the slang of the day, “nothing” meant vagina.

Shakespeare’s plays have been translated into around 80 languages.

Some claim Shakespeare did not write his own work. They believe others such as Christopher Marlowe or Edward de Vere actually penned his works.

It is unknown how Shakespeare died. Possibly after a night of heavy drinking. He wrote a curse on anyone who plunders his grave; his remains have yet to be disturbed.

Shakespeare plays could often be violent, killing often the lead characters. In fact most of his plays involves death. It is said that George Martin was inspired by Shakespeare to kill off his characters.