Shakespeare is indeed a fascinating figure in history, and an important one at that. A bunch of English words originated from the bard himself. Here are some more lesser known facts about Shakespeare.

1. Shakespeare has been translated into Klingon, the language in Star Trek

Shakespeare’s Hamlet has been translated into at least 75 different languages. The strangest of which is probably Klingon. It was originally published in the Klingon language institute, and was part of the Klingon restoration project. The book claims that originally has been Klingon and his works have been shown on Earth in English as an elaborate piece of human propaganda.

2. Shakespeare is responsible for the North American starling

Eugene Schieffelin, a Shakespeare enthusiast from the late 19th century, tried to bring a bunch of birds to America that were referenced in Shakespeare’s poems and plays. Shieffelin’s goal was to introduce every Shakespearean bird to America. Most of his releases were unsuccessful, and sadly resulted into lots of dead birds.

The major exception to this was the Starling, which really took to the new world. There are currently around 200 million Starlings in America, and it’s become North America’s most common songbird. Their huge numbers and voracious appetites have made them an invasive species. The New York Times once called them the costliest and most noxious birds in America.

3. Macbeth isn’t cursed, it’s just popular

There’s a history of accidents and death associated with the production of Macbeth that has led many to believe that it’s cursed. It’s likely to be true. A possible origin for the superstition comes from the fact that it was a surefire crowd-pleaser. So, if a given play was failing, it would be cancelled and replaced with Macbeth. So, actors may have started to dread Macbeth, because if it was practiced nearby, it means their show would be cancelled. Accidents have happened with Macbeth, because there are so many fight scenes.